Macedonian born Maya has combined her talents as a successful classical pianist and performer with her upbeat personality to create a unique style of yoga, meditation, and music for modern living.  Maya’s philosophy of good health and living with inner peace and confidence has made her one of the most in-demand yoga instructors and performers in the world.  Her yoga classes and concerts are fun, uplifting and above all inspirational.

Maya came to England to complete her training as a classical pianist and was soon playing to audiences as diverse as The United Nations Assembly and members of the Royal Family.  She released her debut album ‘Cross of Silence’ to critical acclaim, described by Q-Magazine as ‘The point where ambient, dance, world and classical music all meet, at the crossroads of quiet dignity and power.’  Maya’s music is a fusion of Yoga mantras and hypnotic electronic sounds.  It features guest spots from friends and peers such as Deepak Chopra.  Maya uses her original music in her classes, and also performs live in concerts.

Maya trained to be a Kundalini Yoga Teacher under Shiv Charan Singh at the Karam Kriya School in London.  She has combined traditional Kundalini postures with Qi Gong, Tai Chi and many other disciplines as a tool for deeper transformation.

"I love to teach and to see the shift in my students and I therefore travel the world to attend yoga conferences, host workshops and retreats.  I love music and I strongly believe that the use of vibration and mantras have a powerful healing effect on us all, specially when used in combination with my yoga.”  -  Maya Fiennes

Maya has made over 20 DVDs, released several CDs, and published a book Yoga for Real Life, which has now been translated into eight languages and has sold over 100,000 copies.

“Maya Fiennes is a force of nature.  Her down to earth and simple approach to yoga is built on many years of study and personal practice. Her teachings are based on the very best techniques for the physical as well as the spiritual side of yoga, unlocking its secrets to create life changing experiences for her students throughout the world … Her methods are based on using the 7 Chakras to identify what blockages her students are experiencing and finding the best yoga practice to address them. Maya believes that our bodies hold the keys to our success and can also set our limitations. Working with the Chakras to decode what our bodies tell us and putting together the answers to unlock our ultimate potential is Maya’s specialty. That is what sits at the heart of her philosophy, her passion, her Yoga for Real Life”  -  Teacher Training Student

“Your DVD is absolutly amazing. The best yoga DVD I have ever done. My first time of doing Kundalini Yoga (mostly I've done Hatha Yoga). It truly is wonderful, I feel so energised & happier, even my eyes look clearer! I love your presentation and your music, singing and chanting …Thank you so much for being such a beautiful and inspiring human being.”  -  Yoga Student

Maya Fiennes